Michał Rybak

Who I am

I am a bold full-stack developer based in Warsaw, Poland.
Currently pursuing Masters in Computer Science at University of Warsaw. Download my resume here [PDF].

I am Google intern (past: Microsoft, imo.im) and co-founder of komuile.pl. I've created Java & JVM jobs, a Facebook group where job offers in Poland are posted for over 3000 professionals who joined. I've developed MealCrunch, a tool for those who want to stay fit.
See my impact section for details on those (and a lot of other) projects.

I am open for new ideas and opportunities. Drop me a line if you want to know more!

What is my impact


Web app that allows you and your friends to split bills easily.

  • PHP/Knockout.js/LESS app, around 4k LoC
  • I've co-designed the bill splitting algorithm
  • I've designed layout and implemented a majority of frontend based on MVVM pattern
  • Effect: time spent for bill splitting reduced from hours to minutes
  • Ensures that whole process is transparent to all users and less prone to errors
  • I've conducted usability testing with users, which allowed to with tens of UX bugs before releasing the app
  • Reached wider audience (over 15k visitors) after being featured on wykop.pl

Java & JVM jobs

Facebook group that meets developers with open employers.

  • Created by me under motto "by developers, for developers"
  • Aims to match top-notch developers with open employers who post high-quality offers
  • Started from some Warsaw Java User Group members and my university colleagues, now has more than 3100 members and is still growing


The company I worked in for almost a year.

  • I've developed frontend monitoring application for one of already existing systems
  • The app reduced bug reports analysis time significantly in more than 90% of cases
  • I've lead LESS workshops (in Polish) for employees, showing what LESS is and how to integrate it into their projects
  • I worked in a team of 6-8 people on 500k LoC project involving fraud detection
  • I've built a core component that managed all kinds of documents supplied by users
  • Changes that I suggested to clients initial requirements resulted in less error-prone UI


Simple meal planner for people who know what they need.

  • The simplest app to match food to nutrient requirements
  • Prototype written during HackZurich 2014
  • ~2k LoC app written mainly in Django
  • Targets people following diets that impose limits on macronutrients that follower should eat
  • Was among 25 finalists chosen from over 100 submitted projects.


Microrecommendations app written during FB hackathon in Warsaw.

  • JS app using Firebase for data storage
  • Written in a team of 3 people in <20 hours - code available on GitHub
  • In pair with my friend I've implemented real-time notifications (Facebook-style) when somebody recommends you something


Arduino based robot that interacts with music.

  • HCI project - robot reacts to music played by owner
  • Demo video available on YouTube
  • Features: LED equalizer, head moving to the rhythm

Bascal interpreter

Interpreter written in Haskell, the hardest university project I have written so far.

  • Final project for Programming Languages & Paradigms course
  • The project involved writing language gramatics, static syntax analyser and interpreter
  • Works for Bascal - my own language similar to Pascal
  • Bascal has basic Pascal syntax and features plus functions as parameters, anonymous functions and other extensions
  • Not available on GitHub because of course requirements


Final project for Scalable Web Systems course.

  • Django showcase app that used a lot of tools improving its scalability & performance
  • It uses: NoSQL (Mongo), full-text search (Elasticsearch), task queuing (Celery & RabbitMQ), cache (Varnish), distributed files system (GridFS) and other performance boosters
  • Written in a team of 3 people - code available on GitHub
  • Received highest possible grade

Django starter kit

Open source at micro scale. Template I've shared with other students before exam.

  • Prepared for exams from WWW Applications course (2013)
  • Reduces boilerplate code to minimum and saves precious time during the exam
  • Available on GitHub with features list
  • Received positive feedback from fellow students

Front-page layout grid selection tool

Custom Wordpress plugin.

  • Installed on Akademia LED's website
  • Allows custom arrangement of all 9 front-page tiles
  • Supports tile merging
  • Imports articles and/or banners
  • Interactive, intuitive backend interface realized with knockout.js